Columbus Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment

Planning Board Duties

This is an appointed board that acts in an advisory capacity to the Town Council. The Planning Board deals with the permitting of development proposals and administering the town's zoning ordinance.  The Board also initiates ordinance amendments and makes recommendations to Town Council as to what action to take on proposed ordinance amendments.  The Planning Board also plays a key role in the town's long range planning efforts.  

Board of Adjustment Duties

The Board of Adjustment hears variance requests and special use permit requests.  

This is a quasi-judicial board. Their decisions are final, and any appeals to their decisions are referred to the Polk County Superior Court. The Board of Adjustment reviews any challenges to zoning administration decisions.  

The Board of Planning and Adjustment meets regularly at 6:00 pm in the Town Hall on the first Tuesday of every month.  

Current members of the Board are  Marshall Watkins, Cathy Elliot, Virginia Green, Mark Blanton, and Jimmi Buell.  Mrs. Elliot serves as the Chair of the Board. Ernie Kan serve as alternate member.

For more information on these meetings, please call the Town Manager at Town Hall at 828-894-8236.

95 Walker Street Columbus, NC 28722 - P.O. Box 146 Columbus, NC 28722 Phone: 828-894-8236 Fax: 828-894-2797