Hydrant Flushing

The Town conducts routine hydrant flushing twice per year, usually occurring once in the fall and once in the spring.  The purpose of this is twofold:  it ensures that our fire hydrants are clear of debris and providing adequate fire flow, and it ensures that our water lines are also free and clear. 

The Town also conducts semi-regular checks of our "blow-off" valves.  These are points within the water system that allow us to let large volumes of water flow at specified points to ensure the cleanliness of the water and the system.  During this process, some debris can become entangled in the customer's lines and cause dirty water within a house.  If this happens, please contact Town Hall to alert us to the situation.  The Town also is providing a community alert service now that we are using to alert customers if water lines in their area will be impacted.

For more information on this process, please call the Town Hall at (828) 894-8236.
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