Solid Waste

  • The Town of Columbus contracts with Waste Industries for weekly pickup of residential and small commercial businesses. The pick up day is on Tuesday.
  • Curbside pickup is provided to all residences within the Town with containers no larger than 90 gallons.
  • Town crews pick up limbs and yard debris on Friday.  Yard waste is collected at the roadside weekly, normally on Fridays.  Items that may be put out for collection include grass clippings, leaves and limbs.  Limbs must be in lengths no longer than six feet.
  • The Town also offers a Spring Clean Up week during which we will pick up almost anything but hazardous waste. Dates for Spring Clean Up Week will be advertised in the media each year. At other times, residents are responsible for removing the items.
  • All debris created by the clearing of a lot for construction purposes, or created by a contractor, must be removed by the owner/contractor. 
  • Arrangements may be made for large amounts of work other than lot clearing to be picked up by the Town and a per load fee will be charged.               



Yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, and limbs shorter than six feet), is collected by the Public Works Department and taken to the Town's compost site, where it is separated and piled into windrows. These windrows are turned every three months, and the temperature is recorded. This process is used to help break the waste down and remove any pathogens that may be present.

The temperature of the windrows must reach 135 degrees F. to remove pathogens. This is aided by the weight of the debris pile and the moisture content of the decaying material. This process is complete after one year, and begins again each year when yard waste is collected.  



Large items, such as trees, large limbs, stumps, and brush are taken to the Town's LCD (land clearing debris) site, where it is piled and allowed to break down naturally. The site is especially important in cases of ice storms and high winds, when the Public Works Department needs to quickly clean up large amounts of debris. 


The Town also uses the site for clearing of right-of-ways. The Town grinds the collected debris into mulch to make room for additional deposits.

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