Police Department

Columbus Police Department
Columbus Police Department
The Columbus Police Department is an award winning department that has been recognized statewide for outstanding service and diligence to the community. 

The Columbus Police Department strives to
create and maintain an environment for safety that promotes respect for and appreciation of freedom, human diversity and cultural pluralism, characteristic of the Columbus community. We pride ourselves in our level of excellence in law enforcement and providing accessible assistance to both local and state agencies, in addition to out-of-state agencies when requested.

Safety and security is coordinated by the Chief of Police, with a force of 9 sworn police officers and 6 sworn reserve officers. The Police Department provides 24-hour service within the town limits. The Department maintains mutual aid agreements with all surrounding law enforcement agencies.

Our police officers are graduates of the North Carolina Justice Training Academy with full arrest powers throughout the town limits and extraterritorial one mile jurisdiction. They undergo continued training to upgrade their skills.

Many of the department’s police officers have two- and four-year college degrees. Others are pursuing their college degrees to enhance their level of service to the citizens of Columbus.

Our police officers have often distinguished themselves and received public recognition for the performance of their duties.

CPD Patch
CPD Patch
conduct foot and vehicular patrols in the community 24 hours a day. Officers are responsible for reporting and investigating crimes and traffic accidents, enforcing state laws and local ordinances, and all other incidents requiring police assistance.

Through our investigations, criminal cases are forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution. We enjoy a positive working relationship with all neighboring police agencies. Columbus Police officers also work very closely with State and Federal agencies, assisting them with investigations of incidents occurring outside the town limits.

We view our association with the Columbus community as one built on a foundation of trust, accountability, respect and teamwork.

Your commendations, criticisms, and constructive suggestions for improvement are welcome. We will investigate any allegation of inappropriate police action, and corrective action will be taken as needed.

You may contact any officer on duty by calling (828) 894-5464.  You can reach Chief Scott Hamby at the same number, or you may visit him in person at 117 Walker Street in Columbus, or via email  

95 Walker Street Columbus, NC 28722 - P.O. Box 146 Columbus, NC 28722 Phone: 828-894-8236 Fax: 828-894-2797